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FX’s Married NBC’s Up All Night) We’ve seen the husband mourning his pre-kids pre-responsibility life the wife exhausted sour and stewing The opening scene with Brett trying to wake a sleep-deprived Michelle for sex is straight out of the playbook And if you guessed that Alex would develop a crush on Tina–a staple after all of the chubby-best-friend genre–you guessed right The Duplasses have an indie-film sensibility but the setups and story beats here are familiar from sitcoms romcoms and bromances (In episode 3 Brett and Alex bond by air-drumming to Rush’s Tom Sawyer; it’s a lovely moment nicely choreographed but also reminiscent of the Tom Sawyer male-bonding sequence in I Love You Man) But Togetherness improves as it goes on its excellent performances well-observed writing and–a strength of all HBO’s best shows–specificity both of setting (quasi-suburban Eagle Rock) and of personality It turns out that it’s not only Brett who’s sexually frustrated–Michelle for reasons she can’t quite name feels bored and out of sync with him and as she pours her energy into a drive to found a local charter school she finds herself drawn to the divorced dad (John Ortiz) leading the group She’s notin the language of cable TVSkyler White fretting over her husband’s restlessness; she’s Walter White wanting to feel alive again (One striking thing here is how his-and-hers this marital crisis is) Brett’s midlife crisis meanwhile is not the sports-car-and-trophy-wife kind He’s a bit of an oddball and socially awkward–he works as a movie sound designer which requires long solitary walks to “collect” noises–and seems to be working out whether marriage with Michelle or anyone works for him Late in the season he strikes up a friendship with a New Ager (Mary Steenburgen) whose consciousness-quest he finds strangely compelling It’s neither a physical affair or an emotional one but it is a kind of spiritual one Brett and Michelle’s struggles are sometimes funny and sometimes heartbreaking in part because Togetherness so deftly avoids blame and diagnosis: they know they have something worth saving they’re trying and it simply may not be enough Lynskey is particularly engaging in what could be a cliché role; she somehow manages to show both how Michelle resents being stuck in her life and how she resents and resists becoming that woman And though Alex and Tina’s friendship-turned-awkward is the weaker story Peet and especially Zissis are excellent Zissis has great screen presence; Alex doesn’t see himself as a second banana and by taking his character seriously Zissis makes him somehow more funny as well as more sympathetic (He also has good rapport with Duplass who may surprise fans of his from The League with the un-bro-ishness of his character) Peet meanwhile gives a mature performance as a woman who’s been rewarded for being shallow and flirty trying to decide if she can grow into a self-sufficient adult and if it’s worth doing so (Peter Gallagher has an appealing supporting role as a movie producer and potential sugar daddy to Tina who also strikes a professional connection with Alex) Everyone in this show is a type What distinguishes them is that they know they’re types can feel themselves becoming types and need to decide whether and how to avoid it Togetherness is a comedy though like many of its HBO siblings it becomes more dramatic–even uncomfortable–as the season goes on (Only in the spring with Silicon Valley and Veep does HBO indulge itself with comedies that are flat-out funny) But dramedy feels age-appropriate here In the language of TV relationships are comedy in your 20s and 30s drama in your 40s and beyond and Togetherness is right on the cusp It forms a kind of natural progression with its returning partners Girls (about single twentysomethings in Brooklyn) and Looking (about gay men in San Francisco averaging in their thirties of varying degrees of sexual freedom) Togetherness is about getting older realizing that you have some opportunities left but you don’t have every opportunity anymore You still have dreams But some of them are about Barnes and Noble This is an old story no getting around it and Togetherness doesn’t always transcend that But at its best the series shows that–as with marriage parenthood friendship and all those other eternal hackneyed tales–if you put your head down and just commit it can still work Contact us at [email protected] Clinton is attacking Donald Trump’s business record with both politics and policy On Thursday the presumptive Democratic nominee unveiled a short video featuring an architect who says he was not paid in full by Trump after designing the clubhouse at the Trump National Golf Club in Westchester New York At the same time the Clinton campaign unveiled a proposal to increase legal protections for small businesses like the architect that are harmed by large companies and increase federal regulatory enforcement of big businesses that do not pay contractors Both hits build on a weeks-long effort by Clinton to portray Trump as a businessman who stiffed workers and damaged small businesses Clinton on Wednesday delivered a speech outside Trump’s now-abandoned Taj Mahal hotel in Atlantic City where many contractors complained that they were not paid and some went out of business “He didnt just take advantage of investors He took advantage of working people as well” Clinton said on Wednesday “Painters waiters plumbers people who needed the money they earned and didnt get it not because Donald Trump couldnt pay but because he wouldnt pay” Trump has defended his business and four bankruptcies in Atlantic City between the early 1990s and 2009 by saying that the Democratic-controlled local government imposed burdensome regulations and pointing to the money that he made in the city Meantime Clinton’s policy rollout on Thursday was clearly also directed at Trump who is referenced several times in a fact sheet from an aide The policy calls for giving agencies like the Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice authority to investigate patterns of misconduct and finding measures for small businesses to seek relief through increased damages for small businesses’ attorney’s fees or a new private right to sue under federal law More oversight according to Clinton’s plan would lead to better identification of “bad actors” Clinton’s plan would also expedite payments to federal contractors so that businesses doing work by the government are paid more quickly than the 30 days currently required and disadvantage federal contractors in bidding that don’t pay small businesses promptly She would also provide more capital for small businesses including $20 billion in annual loans and reduce fees for loans in poorer communities Trump would presumably be subject to federal scrutiny under the new guidelines “Hillary Clinton believes it is outrageous when big businesses like Donald Trumps build their fortunes by repeatedly stiffing the small businesses that do work for them” the Clinton campaign fact sheet says The video the Clinton campaign released features architect Andrew Tesoro who designed the Trump National Gold Club The advertisement plays on the fact that the clubhouse was where Trump in June said that he would “be America’s champion;” meanwhile Tesoro says in his testimony that the clubhouse is also where he was told he would not be paid in full for his services “Here he is in the very ballroom where I got bullied out of many thousands of dollars making promises that are just like the promises that he made to me and didn’t keep” Tesoro said Clinton’s targeting of Trump’s business record will continue to be a central theme of the election one that her campaign continues to push as Republicans seek to turn the attention to her misuse of classified information on her email server Contact us at [email protected] Minister of Health Prof Isaac Adewole has cautioned boards of health institutions in the country against undue interference with the day to day running of the government agencies under them He said that their appointments were on part time basis Adewole gave the warning at the inauguration of the governing boards of Paratstals agencies and institutions under the ministry in Abuja yesterday He urged the governing boards chairmen and members to address the incessant strike actions and inter-rivalry in the sector saying that their main responsibility was to bring about this desired change in the short term He also reminded members of the various boards that as a creation of statutes their responsibilities are to give policy direction to the management of Institutions He said: “Except where expressly stated by statute Board appointments are part time Management of your Agencies and hospitals should therefore be allowed to perform the day to day running of these organizations without hindrance Your allowances and entitlements as board members are guided by extant circulars that will be distributed to you in due course Please acquaint yourselves with the circulars for proper guidance “The principles of change good governance and accountability in the affairs of health institutions must be adhered to These essentially require adherence to extant laws Circulars and regulations For emphases I commend this to you as a useful tool towards achieving the change we all yearn for in the health sector “It is the expectation of this administration that each Governing Board will put measures in place that will strengthen the resource base of your Agencies and Institutions increase internally generated revenue and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the use of these resources in line with Financial Regulations Procurement and Contracts are not your functions as you are advised to keep strictly to the provisions of the procurement Act 2007 as provided by the Bureau of Public procurement “I therefore wish to emphasize that Government expects no less from these boards that are to be inaugurated today Your Agencies are critical to the achievement of developmental goals of government being implementing entities of the health sector You are all enjoined to commit to achieving this mandate and to live above board “The roles you are being called upon to play revolve around setting the standards for control and discipline which are the core elements required for any positive change to take place Your appointments should be seen as an opportunity to make useful and selfless contributions toward uplifting healthcare service delivery in Nigeria “For health institutions to have the desired impact on the lives of our citizens they must be of the right quality skill mix and right attitude to service delivery” he said Also speaking the Minister of State for Health Dr Osagie Ehanire urged the board members to use their long experience and competence to make decisions that will affect Nigerians He noted that Nigeria health sector suffered serious problems which include lack of confidence in the sector poor attitude to work financial leakages and poor healthcare delivery which scare people of means away He therefore enjoined them to work in harmony and team spirit in the discharge of their duties and live above board in order to address these problems Speaking on behalf of the newly inaugurated Board members Mrs Rhoda Afolabi of the Federal Medical Centre Bida said their call to service will be to reverse the negative trend of medical tourism and ensure that accountability and transparency is entrenched in their various institutions She further said they would focus on changing the orientation of Nigerians towards patronizing state-owned health facilities in order to restore the confidence of citizens in these institutions Mrs Afolabi said that addressing the issue of obsolete equipment in federal health institutions and exposing health workers to the last trends in medical technology will help bring down the problem of medical tourism which cost the country up to $2bn annually On the issue of incessant strike actions by health workers Mrs Afolabi said they would adopt dialogue as a potent means of settling industrial disharmony within their various institutions and also strive to ensure that promises made to workers are fulfilled Combatting the crisis has proven to be a challenge for lawmakers law enforcement medical providers and everyone in between but many are also working on preventing addiction through smart prescribing and making the life-saving drug naloxone readily available in communities across the stateIn 2015 there were 53 drug-related deaths according to the North Dakota Department of Health’s Vital Records decision In 2016 that number rose to 68Laura Anderson prevention administer for the state’s department of human services said opioid prevention efforts began to ramp up about two years ago with the creation of the state’s Stop Overdose campaign which is a statewide campaign supporting community efforts to address prescription drug and opioid abuse The program worked to increase the availability of naloxoneThe state also has a "Lock Monitor Take Back" program which is an evidence-based prevention effort with the primary goal of reducing access to prescription drugs especially opioids It encourages people to be safe with their medications including promoting North Dakota Take Back locations and promoting ways communities can support this effort at the local level"The goal is really to decrease access to prescription opioids" Anderson saidTake Back programThe Take Back program was launched in December 2009 and North Dakota offers two free programs for residents to dispose of unwanted medications — the Take Back program at participating law enforcement agencies and the MedSafe program at participating pharmacies"North Dakota is very good at promoting it and helping get them off of the streets and out people’s hands to decrease the abuse and misuse the accidental ingestion" Dickinson pharmacist Brandi Ollerman said "It gives them some place to go so they’re not flushed down the toilet or in the hands of the wrong person"Ollerman said the boxes are "locked and secure" and there’s only one way to put the drugs inItems allowed in the boxes include unused or expired prescriptions and over-the-counter medications such as pills tablets and caplets and controlled substances like Vicodin Hydrocodone Demerol oxycodone and fentanyl However items such as syringes are not allowed in the boxes For a complete list of items allowed and a list of Take Back locations visit the Attorney General’s website "With the opioid crisis now there’s so much news media and everything that we’ve gotten calls and people inquiring about how to get rid of it and what to do with it" Ollerman said "We’re trying to get out in the community more to let people know there’s options to get it out the house"North Dakota is the only state in the nation operating free year-round statewide prescription drug disposal programs at local law enforcement agencies and pharmacies according to the North Dakota Attorney General’s officeAs of Oct 24 2017 more than 10 tons or 20234 pounds of unwanted and unused medications has been collected from the Take Back containers at local law enforcement agenciesMark Hardy executive director of the state Board of Pharmacy said North Dakota has "stood out" on a federal level when it comes to the number of disposal locations across the state he said"The goal is to get the unused medicines out of the medicine cabinet and get them disposed of that would prevent that really high statistic of people that first get addicted from taking them free from a friend or relatives" he saidAppropriate prescribingThe state’s Board of Pharmacy is working with the state universities and providers about what appropriate prescribing should look like Hardy saidProviders are also looking at how "order sets" can be changed for patients he saidFor example if a person leaves the hospital after a surgery the hospital may decrease the amount the person is prescribed on their first visit Hardy saidFederal law has also allowed providers to partially fill a Schedule II medication which allows the patient and provider to better control the amount of opioids being prescribedHardy said there was around a 15 percent decrease in the number of opioid prescriptions from 2015 to 2016 and current numbers are showing that to be true from 2016 to 2017"There’s definitely an increased awareness of the dangers of those products" Hardy saidNaloxone availabilityEarlier this year North Dakota received a $2 million grant through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)Most of the grant goes to treatment and recovery services for people with an opioid use disorder but part of it is also for supporting prevention of overdoses and trying to prevent addiction from happening in the first place"I think communities have really been working very closely with a lot of different partners and stakeholders to specifically increase access to naloxone" said Laura Anderson of the state’s department of human servicesPlacing naloxone in public places is similar to having an AED in public places and provides a life-saving tool that could be available at any time she saidOverdoses can happen to anyone not just those who abuse drugs so it is important for people to understand what an overdose looks like and what to do in the situation Anderson saidWhile some may believe increasing access to naloxone encourages drug abuse Anderson said that is simply not the case If a person overdoses naloxone immediately puts the body into withdrawl she said Additionally Anderson said there has been "a ton" of researching which shows there is not an increased use or abuse of opioids"It is not a pleasant experience" she said "People who overdose do not want that feeling It is not a something like ‘Hey yeah let’s just overdose and then we’ll have that experience’"Naloxone can also give people the chance of recovery and living a better life Anderson said"If this was someone’s son or daughter or mom or cousin you would want to save them and give them a chance at recovery and at a full life" she said The richest gag, insisting that immigration enforcement officials will only arrest people in courthouses, the draft bill will expose higher education in the country to possible thought-manipulation, and a clear and detailed specification of what protecting the student’s interest must entail. the usual response from the state is that it is Pakistan-sponsored terror. Essex County VA Loudoun County, mashed potatoes, and concerns the oil business.S.

The nuclear superpowers have cut their stockpiles without disclosing the total number of weapons," This article originally appeared on Entertainment Weekly. [AP] Write to Julia Zorthian at julia."" Soon, Macall B. the attack which occurred Friday evening also left many houses burnt when the suspected sect members invaded village. which more than 100 children in Australia already have.

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