Robertson said he was so excited to hear Gov Ka

first_imgRobertson said he was “so excited” to hear Gov. Kay Ivey prioritize these ideas in her inaugural address. Now, with the “Big Five” mayors of Alabama meeting to discuss plans for progress, Robertson is urging the legislature to include infrastructure in its future actions.The “Big Five” mayors came together in early February to attend their quarterly meeting to discuss the future of the state of Alabama.“Well, of course, we are having and will continue to have a lot more talk as we come into the legislative session this year,” Robertson said. “The gas tax and infrastructure bill, I’m very hopeful that we are serious and going to come up with some good options that will really translate to infrastructure improvements.”The “Big Five” mayors govern more than one-third of Alabama’s total population. For Robertson, seeing their plans through to the end will benefit every governing agency in the state, all the way down to the municipal level.“Counties and rural counties have such needs that something has got to change,” he said.But, Robertson has plans that go beyond infrastructure. One of the many goals the judge is working toward is bringing a more pointed focus to issues like the economy and education.“I was excited to hear our governor in her inaugural speech, right off the bat, talk about ‘It’s time to fix this problem,’” Robertson said. “And I know our local delegation; I couldn’t think of a better set of folks that are going to tackle this and help craft the bill. Tuscaloosa is going to have a big part in this.”The 2019 legislative session starts March 5 in Montgomery. Robertson said the Tuscaloosa County Commission continues to have regular dialogue with the local delegation about ways to make the Tuscaloosa area better.“We have a top-notch local delegation – democrat and republican – that comes together and figure out solutions that work for our community,” Robertson said. “And while, again, they don’t always agree on everything, we’ve got a lot of opportunities. So we constantly have dialogue and very good relationships with this local delegation.”For Robertson, his priority is moving forward with the plans he has proposed and the communication and standards he has set to make them happen. With infrastructure being at the top of his list, Robertson said he is ready to get to work.Read the first installment of this two-part series here. In the second installment of this two-part series, WVUA 23’s Jabaree Prewitt talks with the new Tuscaloosa Probate Judge Rob Robertson about his ambitions and goals while in office.Tuscaloosa County Probate Judge Robertson was sworn in earlier this year, replacing longtime judge Hardy McCollum. In his first months as probate judge, Robertson is using his new platform to push to fix roads, bridges and construction in Tuscaloosa County.MEET THE “BIG FIVE”Tuscaloosa | Walt MaddoxHuntsville | Tommy BattleMobile | Sandy StimpsonBirmingham | Randall WoodfinMontgomery | Todd Strangelast_img

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