Busabout assigns Backpacker Co as their Indian General Sales Agent

first_imgBusabout, a leading coach network in Europe, has brought a host of flexible and unique itineraries to Indians by appointing the Backpacker Co as their General Sales Agent in India, effective from February 2015.The blue coaches of Busabout have been connecting the best cities and destinations in Europe since 1998 enabling independent travellers to explore Europe at their own pace and whim without burning a big hole in their pockets. They are offering free-spirited travel through mini-tours and six month flexi-passes ranging from 30,000 rupees to one lakh rupees.Busabout facilitates pick-up and drop services at recommended cutting-edge hostels along the route and an onboard guide. In addition, they ensure hassle-free booking processes and accommodate impromptu detours at no extra costs!“Busabout is a terrific way to explore Europe. It combines flexibility as well as has a structure to allay the fears of the first time traveller,” said Yogesh M Shah, Co-founder, the Backpacker Co.What makes this experience richer is meeting other travellers and striking feel-good conversations on-board. Busabout is widely patronized by both solo travellers and big groups, and hence the social quotient has a big role to play. Over 65% of their passengers have never been to Europe before and 70% of them are travelling solo!Today, the market for flexi-outbound-travel is fuelled by the growing number of independent and spontaneous Indian travellers. As per UNTWO, the number of Indians travelling abroad will grow to a mammoth 50 million by the year 2020. Also, outbound tourism expenditure is expected to rise from 864.1 billion rupees (USD 14.7 billion) in 2013 to 1.4 trillion rupees (USD 19.0 billion) in 2018, as per a Timetric Research report on Travel and Tourism in India. Moreover, Indians are travelling much more frequently than they did five years back.This marks a new phase in the tourism market and Busabout is tapping this growing potential through both soul travel and solo travel. The bottom line being – agents in talks with The Backpacker Co will now be able to sell exciting Busabout tours with little or no planning effort.last_img

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