Redbox now offers 2 video game rentals

first_imgBack at the end of April Redbox announced that it was branching out beyond DVDs and that video games would be making their way to the company’s now familiar kiosks. Today is the day they become available, and the line-up of titles is already impressive.For $2 a day you can take home one of the 62 games currently being offered across multiple formats. Those games include Duke Nukem Forever, Brink, Black Ops, InFamous 2, Red Faction Armageddon, L.A. Noire, and DiRT 3 to name but a few. There’s games for PS3, Xbox 360, and the Wii which should cater for most homes being able to rent a game they own the hardware to play.Renting a game is as easy as visiting a kiosk, but Redbox is also giving you the option to reserve a specific game before travelling to collect it from a local kiosk.If you’re concerned about whether there will be a Redbox kiosk local to you offering games, I think the chances are pretty high there will be. Tests conducted with video game rentals already used 5,000 kiosks, but Redbox has upped that to 21,000 today.So if you fancy kicking back and watching a film this evening, then spending tomorrow playing a game, find yourself $3 and head to your nearest Redbox.via EngadgetMatthew’s OpinionI haven’t seen an equivalent to Redbox in the UK yet, but I hope they decide to branch out and setup kiosks here. Although streaming is gaining pace through services like Netflix, disc-based entertainment still has its place, and at this price you really can’t complain.Adding video games is a wise move as when parents are looking at what to watch their kids will now be eyeing up the games selection. At only $2 it’s going to be hard to resist renting one too, especially when you consider how much these games cost to buy.last_img

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