Portal speedrun world record set at 9m 25s

first_imgApparently the video above is the current world record for a speed run of Valve’s brilliant game Portal.The completion time is exactly 9:25.567, with most of that wasted travelling in elevators. The player, YouTube user Transgenic86, does not use any cheats or hacks. He does explain, however, that glitches are taken advantage of:This speedrun uses a majority of the glitches in the game. Unfortunately, it does not use the acute angle glitch, which might be the most useful glitch in the game, if used correctly. He’s also spent a lot of time working on this speedrun:I don’t believe anyone else in there right mind would try to do what I have done in this video. I completed the first segment on September 13, 2008, 06:12 AM and the last segment on July 03, 2010, 08:32 PM. Almost 2 years of working on this. It’s a bit dizzying to watch, but someone has to hold the record and this is how you have to play to get it. If you want more information there’s also a series of videos with commentary available explaining how he did it in detail.YouTube, via Eurogamerlast_img

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