Celebrate Utenas 20th Anniversary With Special Edition Rose Liqueur

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. The anime classic Revolutionary Girl Utena is one of the most influential series out there, and though it’s been 20 years since its final episode aired on TV, it’s still very much alive in the hearts of anime fans everywhere. That’s why Premium Bandai has released a very special type of drink with its own Utena-centric glass to help celebrate the occasion. In fact, there are two different drinks, just in case you’re 20 yourself in Japan (that’s the legal drinking age) and want to get a little tipsy while celebrating one of the coolest anime heroines of all time.First, the Revolutionary Girl Utena 20th Anniversary liqueur is a special pink drink made specially from Nagano Prefecture’s Nakano rose-growing region. It’s five-percent alcohol with a light pink color, and the beverage itself comes with a drinking glass with series lead Utena on one side and the Rose Bride Anthy Himemiya. On the other side is an official Revolutionary Girl Utena logo. The bottle will go for $88, which is a bit pricey, but you get the beautiful glass as well.via bpnavi.jpThat’s nothing, however, in comparison to the Revolutionary Girl Utena 20th Anniversary wine that’s being made by the French company Chauteau Count. It’s made with Semillon grapes with a golden hue and scents of tropical fruit and honey as well as notes of custard and toasted bread. It comes with the same Utena glass as the rose liqueur, but being that only one bottle is made it’s about $1,785. You can’t just up and buy a bottle of it though, as you have to apply to be given the rights to pay for it. That’s because it’s one of a kind, just like Utena herself.If you’re interested in picking up a bottle of the rose liqueur, you can do so here via Premium Bandai. Stay on targetcenter_img Finally, Ash Ketchum Is A Pokemon Master‘One Punch Man’ Get A Video Game, Probably Has More Punches last_img

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