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first_img 84 SportsLogos.Net 84 Recommended Posts 2,925 posts Share on other sites Sign in to follow this   Link to post 84 By lancealot, December 4, 2012 in Sports Logo News Coheed lancealot 1,612 posts This topic is now closed to further replies. 84 Hey guys me and my brother are looking at buying some basketball jerseys to put a logo on but can’t seem to find the type we want anywhere. Do any of you guys know where I would be able to purchase a plain white mesh jersey with constraining ribbed cuffs? Any help would be appreciated Share this post Not sure those exist down undah.woopz didn’t know he was Australian. What are you looking for exactly?No it doesn’t exist down here. What I am looking for is some plain white mesh basketball singlets with contrasting cuffs (either purple or orange) like the cuffs on this Link to post Members Posted December 5, 2012 0 84 419 tubby34 lancealot 37 Coheed 37 Members Posted December 5, 2012 0 Posted December 5, 2012 Posted December 4, 2012 Share this post 0 Sports Logo News Favourite Logos: 2012 and 2014 Stanley Cup Champions Share on other sites Members 84 419 lancealot CODY’s #1 fan boy 84 Share on other sites 228 Sign in to follow this   2,179 posts Share this post Link to post Share on other sites 228 CODY’s #1 fan boy Link to post All Activity Share this post 228 228 Link to post tubby34 I have checked eastbay and eBay and neither have the style we want. What is Ross? lancealot All Activity CODY’s #1 fan boy Share this post Basketball jersey Share on other sites 228 228 Members Not sure those exist down undah.woopz didn’t know he was Australian. What are you looking for exactly? 228 Followers 0 0 tubby34 Posted December 5, 2012 zpqmaowl 0 84center_img Members Link to post 419 Members 2,179 posts 2,179 posts lancealot Sports Logos Link to post 0 0 Medium or large. it would be great if you could find some but if you do find something inbox me before you do buy it or anything, thanks Basketball jersey tubby34 lancealot Share on other sites CODY’s #1 fan boy tubby34 Share on other sites Posted December 5, 2012 Share this post Forums Home 228 Posted December 4, 2012 228 zpqmaowl 0 Eastbay? I know they have a pretty big selection. Share on other sites Members 84 Followers 0 Link to post Share this post 2,925 posts Share this post 84 2,179 posts Share on other sites Link to post tubby34 Members 4,132 posts Members 0 37 Not sure those exist down undah. 84 Location:Chicago Forums Home 2,925 posts Share this post 2,925 posts tubby34 Link to post lancealot Go To Topic Listing lancealot Posted December 5, 2012 Members tubby34 0 Posted December 5, 2012 Share on other sites Sports Logos Check Ross stores 228 228 228 I’ll see if I can find them here locally. What sizes? Posted December 5, 2012 Location:Kansas City, MO Sports Logo News SportsLogos.Net Share this post 84 It’s a discount department store. Like marshalls Basketball jerseylast_img read more

Flying Frontier Airlines to Walt Disney World

first_imgWhere to measure a carry-on and personal bagBaggageA checked bag costs $30 one way while a carry-on costs $35, but only if you buy online. Paying for baggage at the airport will be higher and even more so at the gate.Note: Bags exceeding weight and size will be charged or possibly accepted.Each passenger is allowed a personal item within the limits of 14″ high, 18″ wide, and 8″ deep. Frontier describes a personal item as a purse or briefcase which fits under the seat in front of them. However, I use a small duffel or backpack within the required dimensions. I’m not exactly a light packer, but I have flown to Disney World with only a personal item forgoing the bag charges altogether! This was during the summer, however, as t-shirts and shorts take up very little space so I can’t say this method is doable for a Disney World Vacation during cooler months; but the point is, fully take advantage of that personal item!Note: Assistance items like canes or respiratory devices or diaper bags are allowed on board for free.Seat Assignment and Zone Number on a Frontier Boarding PassBoardingBoarding begins 30 minutes to departure. The boarding process is divided into zones with Zone 1 boarding first and Zone 4 boarding last. A passenger’s assigned boarding zone is printed on their boarding pass.Passengers who board first include those needing special services, families traveling with small children, and those who purchased the WORKS, who are an Elite member of EarlyReturns, and those with carry-on bags.Note: If only one member of your family has a carry-on assigned to their name, they will be in a different zone than the rest of your group. Be sure to plan accordingly.RefundsIf tickets were purchased more than 7 days prior to the travel date, they may be fully refunded if they’re cancelled within 24 hours of purchase.My plane’s mascot! Cubby the Bear.If a passenger purchased the Works, they can apply the value of their tickets to a new ticket or fill out an online refund form for a full refund.Overall ExperienceHonestly, I wasn’t expecting much on my first Frontier Airlines flight as I figured I would get what I paid for, which wasn’t much! But I was wrong. I can honestly say I’ve had more issues and complaints with major carriers than I’ve had with Frontier. Still, there are a few things to be aware of…Passengers will be offered refreshments onboard, but they are not complimentary and are to be purchased by card. Frontier Airlines doesn’t offer some of the luxuries and entertainment of other airlines either, so passengers should be prepared.Each plane boasts an animal mascot with its own nickname. On my last flight, we flew with “Cubby” the bear, but my favorite is “Virginia” the wolf. Yes, they even have a sense of humor. Something else comical is the size of the tray tables on board. They remind me of desks in a college classroom…Savings TipsEvery dollar counts when heading to Walt Disney World, so here are a few ways to earn a few extra Dole Whips and Disney Pins…Sign Up for Emails: Frontier Airlines frequently offers discounted rates and promo codes, and signing up to receive emails makes sure you won’t miss them!Discount Den: Frontier’s Discount Den is a yearly subscription offering members lower rates which are displayed during the booking process. The discount applies up to six members in a member’s party and racks up Frontier’s EarlyReturns miles. It does cost around $50 per year, but passengers flying multiple times a year can truly benefitThe WORKS: If the extras are a priority for your flying experience, The Works is a bundle package granting guests one checked bag and carry on bag, the best seats, and priority boarding plus refunds for $59. Note: The WORKS must be purchased at the time of booking.Timing: While Frontier Airlines can offer wonderful rates, that’s not always the case. The key for a coveted $29 rate is timing. Booking too early or too late often means a hefty price tag. It’s best to check your email inbox for those Frontier Airlines promos and wait for when they’re covering your travel dates.Why Do I Fly Frontier?I have flown with other economy airlines to Walt Disney World in times past. Some don’t fly into Orlando International Airport, meaning I would need a rental car, and simply lacked the efficiency and professionalism of major airlines. Frontier offers me service to Orlando and professionalism.Perhaps most importantly, Frontier affords me transportation to Walt Disney World without having to empty my wallet before I get there! I know that extra fees are an issue for some travelers, but I have no problem swallowing them if it keeps my rates below other competitors. I also appreciate that I have control over what fees I pay and for how much, such as in baggage and seat selection.Have you ever flown with Frontier to Walt Disney World? What was your experience? Share This!As I live a considerable distance from Walt Disney World, flying is my preferred method of travel in order to maximize my vacation time. But as many of you fellow travelers may know, flying can be almost as expensive as your actual vacation!A few years ago, I looked into economy airlines in order to work more flexibility into my Disney World Vacation budget; and after my first roundtrip flight to Orlando International Airport with Frontier Airlines, I’ve flown with them pretty much ever since. Here’s what to expect when flying with Frontier Airlines and why I fly with them to Walt Disney World!ScheduleFrontier Airlines typically offers only one flight per day from one destination to another. Frontier Airlines offers service from a vast number of locations, ranging from Los Angeles, California (LAX) to Saint Louis, Missouri (STL) to Trenton, New Jersey (TTN) and Charlotte, North Carolina (CLT), but that’s only the start! All of these airports fly into Orlando International Airport (MCO), meaning passengers can take advantage of Disney’s Magical Express.Rates and Flight Times on Frontier’s WebsiteRatesFrontier Airlines often offers fantastic rates. I’ve personally taken advantage of flights as low as $29 one way! Now that’s not without fees and taxes, but don’t let that scare you. Even after the additional costs are added in, a flight with Frontier Airlines can still be much cheaper than with other carriers and can make that Disney World Vacation much more doable financially.BookingPassengers can book a flight with Frontier Airlines either by phone, online, or through third party sites like Kayak, Priceline, Orbitz, and etc. Personally, I prefer to book on Frontier’s site so I’m in full control of my seat selection onboard and what fees are being added to my total cost.Note: Promo Codes are to be entered on the first page of the website in order to receive the discount.Seat Selection and Rates on a Frontier FlightBooking online is a relatively simple, but can be a lengthy experience. After entering dates and personal information, passengers get to pick their seat on their flights, as well as the cost of their seat. Seats towards the front are naturally more spacious and the most expensive, but one thing I appreciate is that aisle, window, and middle seats are usually priced the same. Also, on occasion, you can snatch a seat for free so look through the offerings with care!If the plane isn’t full, or a passenger has a medical issue and needs a particular seat, be sure to inform a flight attendant. In both cases, I’ve seen them to be incredibly accommodating.Next, passengers select their bags, have the option to purchase travel insurance and a rental car, before filling out the payment page. This is where passengers will see the total price of their trip with taxes and fees added in, and can enter Frontier credit or vouchers.last_img read more

Peterson wins two events, Kupfer first in triple jump for Marshfield at 2015 WVC Track Meet

first_imgBoysTeam scores: 1. Stevens Point 218.5; 2. D.C. Everest 175; 3. Wausau West 92; 4. Marshfield 74; 5. Wisconsin Rapids 58.5; 6. Merrill 55; 7. Wausau East 21.Winners and Marshfield finishersPole vault: 1. Darren Sanchez (WD) 15-0.High jump: 1. Carson Weber (WW) 6-0.Long jump: 1. Jake Anderson (MER) 21-9.25; 10. Chris Pahl (MAR) 18-8; 13. Thomas Gisvold (MAR) 16-10.Triple jump: 1. Anderson (MER) 43-10.25; 3. Will Spindler (MAR) 41-3; 9. Pahl (MAR) 39-5.Discus: 1. Tyler Peterson (MAR) 142-9; 3. John Wittman (MAR) 129-7; 8. Andrew Gilkerson (MAR) 112-3.Shot put: 1. Peterson (MAR) 50-2.5; 6. Gilkerson (MAR) 42-6.25; 9. Wittman (MAR) 39-8.5.3,200 relay: 1. Wausau West (Jared Kumbera, Eric Zengler, Adam Stichman, Josh Kurth) 8:15.24; 6. Marshfield (Jordan Dzikowich, Paul Fischer, Sam Huettl, Jared Oemig) 9:49.14.110 hurdles: 1. Konner Fierek (DC) 14.97; 4. Spindler (MAR) 16.53; 11. Nate Beyer (MAR) 17.81; 14. Aaron Peters (MAR) 19.38.100: 1. Deshawn Bryant (DC) 11.02; 12. Gisvold (MAR) 11.97; 13. Adam Elhandy-Gunnarsson (MAR) 12.00; 17. John Hardinger (MAR) 12.51.1,600: 1. Derek Cruz (SP) 4:35.89; 7. Hunter McManus (MAR) 5:00.20; 13. Huettl (MAR) 5;14.36.800 relay: 1. Stevens Point (Aaron Simonis, Tyler Patoka, Zach Ross, Colton Kizewski) 1:32.18; 5. Marshfield (Johanne Friedli, Elhandy-Gunnarsson, Jimmy Draeger, Hardinger) 1:39.67.400: 1. Victor Kizewski (SP) 50.31; 6. Calden Wojt (MAR) 53.09.400 relay: 1. Stevens Point (Simonis, Zach Mancl, Ross, C. Kizewski) 44.28; 6. Marshfield (Hardinger, Elhandy-Gunnarsson, Gisvold, Draeger) 48.08.300 hurdles: 1. Fierek (DC) 39.73; 4. Spindler (MAR) 41.60; 12. Beyer (MAR) 46.93.800: 1. Evan Hatton (SP) 1:59.99; 3. Devon Klement (MAR) 2:02.86; 11. H. McManus (MAR) 2:10.32.200: 1. V. Kizewski (SP) 22.47; 6. Wojt (MAR) 23.11; 13. Pahl (MAR) 24.49.3,200: 1. Cruz (SP) 9:51.11; 13. Fischer (MAR) 11:32.78.1,600 relay: 1. Stevens Point (Liam Belson, Hatton, Nolan Metz, Conner Franz) 3:26.99; 5. Marshfield (Klement, Pahl, Wojt, Spindler) 3:40.20.—GirlsTeam scores: 1. Stevens Point 199; 2. Wausau West 123.5; 3. D.C. Everest 110.5; 4. Marshfield 77; 5. Wausau East 65.5; 6. Wisconsin Rapids 62.5; 7. Merrill 56.Winners and Marshfield finishersPole vault: 1. Tia Dorshorst (WR) 9-3.High jump: 1. Rylee Folz (MER) 5-3; 2. Stephanie Rhodes (MAR) 5-2.Long jump: 1. Alyssa Faucett (WW) 18-4; 3. Martha Kupfer (MAR) 16-7.75; 8. Olivia Tierney (MAR) 15-3.Triple jump: 1. Kupfer (MAR) 35-7; 12. Tierney (MAR) 30-6; 14. Ana Jensen (MAR) 30-0.25.Discus: 1. Kendra Polzin (DC) 102-3; 5. Amy Martorano (MAR) 94-9; 9. Hannah Meverden (MAR) 78-7; 10. Jamila Ougayour (MAR) 77-6.Shot put: 1. Taylor Louis (SP) 35-6.25; 6. Ougayour (MAR) 30-2.75; 8. Katie Osinski (MAR) 29-10.5; 11. Martorano (MAR) 28-1.5.3,200 relay: 1. Wausau West (Josie Hardell, Emelyn Sheehan, Haylie Craig, Shelby Samz) 9:58.64; 5. Marshfield (Courtney Brown, Maddie Koehn, Maddison Clemens, Jensen) 11:07.24.100 hurdles: 1. Enne’ Burton (WE) 16.64; 9. Sadie Degrand (MAR) 18.14; 10. Briana Duellman (MAR) 18.21.100: 1. Grace Hartman (WR) 12.26; 8. Tierney (MAR) 13.31; 13. Madeline Chaltry (MAR) 14.01.1,600: 1. Kennidi Knoblock (WE) 5:19.55; 9. Lilly O’Brien (MAR) 6:11.40.800 relay: 1. Stevens Point (Halle Gregorich, Laura Canapa, Kaitlin Woyak, Talyn-katiana Solinsky) 1:48.38; 3. Marshfield (Brown, Mariah Goeppinger, Angelina Dunomes, Emma Boson) 1:53.90.400: 1. Elizabeth Keena (WR) 1:01.55; 7. Alexa Aumann (MAR) 1:05.29.400 relay: 1. Stevens Point (Woyak, Ashley Canapa, Kelly Johnson, L. Canapa) 52.19; 3. Marshfield (Dunomes, Goeppinger, Boson, Tierney) 53.03.300 hurdles: 1. Burton (WE) 48.42; 2. Ashley Holubets (MAR) 48.68; 7. Maddie Nikolai (MAR) 53.13; 13. Jensen (MAR) 56.66.800: 1. Abbey Hyland (SP) 2:26.52; 10. Dani Bender (MAR) 2:39.99; 14. Koehn (MAR) 2:49.35.200: 1. Faucett (WW) 25.87; 5. Kupfer (MAR) 27.23; 9. Dunomes (MAR) 28.10.3,200: 1. Mackenzie Malone (WW) 11:59.23; 5. Sophia Schrodi (MAR) 12:30.94; 10. Clemens (MAR) 13:36.33.1,600 relay: 1. Stevens Point (Solinsky, Gregorich, Makani Peters, Hannah Sankey) 4:09.37; 2. Marshfield (Aumann, Holubets, Bender, Kupfer) 4:12.31. Marshfield boys and girls each finish fourth at conference meetBy Paul LeckerSports ReporterWISCONSIN RAPIDS — Tyler Peterson won the discus and shot put as the Marshfield boys finished fourth at the 2015 Wisconsin Valley Conference Track & Field Meet on Tuesday at Lincoln High School.Peterson won the discus with a throw of 142 feet, 9 inches and took first in the shot put with a toss of 50-2 ½ for the Tigers boys’ lone victories.Will Spindler was third in the triple jump (41-3), John Wittman took third in the discus (129-7), and Devon Klement was third in the 800 (2:02.86) to grab honorable mention honors for the Marshfield boys.Martha Kupfer won the triple jump and placed third in the long jump as the Marshfield girls also finished fourth.Earning second-team all-conference honors with second-place finishes for the Tigers were Ashley Holubets in the 300 low hurdles; Stephanie Rhodes in the high jump; and the 1,600 relay team of Holubets, Alexa Aumann, Dani Bender, and Kupfer.In addition to Kupfer’s third-place long jump effort, Marshfield’s 400 relay team of Olivia Tierney, Emma Boson, Angelina Dunomes, and Mariah Goeppinger and the 800 relay team of Courtney Brown, Goeppinger, Dunomes, and Boson also placed third to get honorable mention all-WVC accolades.Stevens Point swept the team titles. The boys won the team title for the fourth-straight season and the 10th time in the last 11 years. The Point girls won their first title since 2011, ending Wausau West’s string of three in a row.Marshfield will compete at the WIAA Division 1 regional at Wausau West on May 26.(Hub City Times Sports Reporter Paul Lecker is also the publisher of Wisconsin Valley Conference Outdoor Track & Field MeetMay 19 at Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln High Schoollast_img read more

Intex unveils Aqua Speed HD at Rs 8,999

first_imgIntex has added one more device to its Aqua Speed kitty by unveiling its new Aqua Speed HD smart phone. Priced at Rs 8,999 the new Aqua Speed HD comes with theAndroid Kitkat 4.4.2 OS with a 1.3 GHz quad core processor that will besupported by a 2 GB RAM and 16 GB internal memory.Sanjay Kumar Kalirona, Business Head,Mobiles, Intex Technologies, at the launch said that the AquaSpeed HD is another effort towards inventing and improvising their offerings.”We believe in providing our customers with products that satisfy theirneeds and are easy on their pocket. This new product comes across as a packageof smart designing, tactical pricing and youthful colors all packaged for ourtarget consumer,” he said.The smartphone comeswith an 8 MP rear and 5 MP front camera. It sports a 4.7-inch HD IPS FLdisplay screen with scratch free dragontail glass that produces a vibrantdisplay for you.It has on-board twonew unique apps Sashakt and OneDrive. Intex claims to be the first Indianbrand to launch Sashakt app in its devices which is enabled for the safety ofwomen.The smartphone weighs only 120 grams with the battery andwill be available in four new exciting colors like White, Silver and Sea Blue.last_img read more

Team India to be present at Kohli stand unveiling

first_imgNew Delhi: The Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA) will be unveiling a stand at the Feroz Shah Kotla after India captain Virat Kohli on Thursday and the entire team will be there to witness the momentous occasion. A senior board functionary confirmed that the boys will be present at the unveiling ceremony which will take place at the Weightlifting Auditorium of the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. “The boys will be there when DDCA unveils the stand in Kohli’s name. The boys are assembling in the capital on Thursday before heading to Dharamsala on Friday,” the functionary said. Also Read – Puducherry on top after 8-wkt win over ChandigarhKohli and boys play Quinton de Kock’s men in the opening game of the T20I series on Sunday before moving to Mohali for the second match that will be played on September 18. The final game is to be played at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru on September 22. The Proteas have already arrived in the country and after the disappointment of the World Cup, they are looking to start afresh with de Kock named skipper for the T20I series in place of Faf du Plessis. Pace spearhead Kagiso Rabada has already made his excitement known on Twitter as he wrote: “Excited to be back in India and looking forward to playing cricket again.” The Indians have rested the senior pace trio of Jasprit Bumrah, Mohammed Shami and Bhuvneshwar Kumar, while all-rounder Hardik Pandya is back after being rested for the West Indies tour.last_img read more

BENS BLOG Chris Pitt One of my heroes

first_img[dropcap]I[/dropcap] grew up reading, and growing to love; Charles Dickens. For me, the most nerve touching skill, he had in writing, was the way he made heroes of ‘normal’ people. He showed that, inside all of us, there is a depth we can go to, and that we can always reach for more.My hero is Chris Pitt.Who is Chris?Chris is the feature writer of BOS magazine ( , the industry publication, that is distributed to licensed bookmakers, all over the country. In print for 33 years, and still going strong, Chris interviews players in the game, right across the country.Those that have met Chris, will know why he is my hero. Chris suffers from scoliosis; a spine disease he was born with, that makes him have a terribly awkward hunched-back.But he has NEVER let this stop him, and he has ACHIEVED EVERTHING, he has set out to do; in getting married and also writing for BOS magazine.I asked Chris about his illness, and he gave me an incredibly motivational reply: ‘Any disability is what you make of it. I try to adopt a positive attitude in everything I do, and use it to my advantage wherever possible’. Well, if anything is a clear and simple example to the millions of layabouts that burden us in England; surely that is it, Blog.Chris lists Fred Done, Barry Dennis, Michael Tabor, and Victor Chandler as the most inspiring people he has ever interviewed for BOS magazine. He may have even mentioned myself too, but I certainly won’t be writing my own name, in conjunction with the above mentioned gladiators.Well, Blog, I’ve taken a small liberty, and approached a couple of these people, to see what they’ve got to say about Chris…Barry Dennis barked back: ‘Yes Ben! I’ve always been incredibly impressed by Chris, and his enthusiasm and professionalism. He hasn’t been dealt a lucky hand, but he’s really got on with it, and made a good life for himself.’Michael Tabor took a breath to consider his words, and then observed..’…when Chris came to interview me, his appearance made an instant and obvious impression…but…but he made everything so…’. He then stopped, checking, looking for the right words… ‘…he just made everything so…just so ‘normal’…this is a man that has not been inhibited in any way.’Here’s to a real trier. Blog, shall we knight, Chris? Yep, I think so.Chris, step forward.Chris Pitt = Not Staff.ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.Over and out, Ben xlast_img read more