Robbing small miners

first_imgDear Editor,I wish to bring to your attention a matter that involves corruption at the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission. I have been responsible for some claims held by Cyril Francis and Joseph Isidore (my father), both deceased who were both residents of Mahdia. Since after my father’s death, I’ve tried to get the claims verified with much difficulty.The first issue I had with the Commission was in 2010 when I attempted to verify eight claims at Konawak, Mining District #2. Another claim holder, who I would consider a “big fish” came up with a strategy to take those claims away from me. So I was told that the said claims were null and void due to late payments. However, in 2012 – upon my lawyer’s request for information of the claims, I received a response stating that only two of the eight claims were null and void.It was very interesting to note that the two gold claims with excellent potential were made null and void by the corrupt GGMC official to benefit a Pomeroon “big fish” gold miner.In 2015, I commenced verification of another 10 claims in Pamela, Mining District #2. This process has prolonged until now whereby another “big fish” is trying to attack again. I must let you know, however, that these individuals are being aided by officials in the GGMC. Not the ordinary officials, by the way, it’s the ones at the top level who are facilitating these culprits to get whatever they want from the small miners.The particular claim that this “big fish” is trying to grab is Gift #1, which is situated on the left bank of the Potaro River about 2500’ from Pamela Landing. The coordinates read: A- 59.201831, 5.334111; B- 59.202110, 5.334850; C- 59.204050, 5.33850; D- 59.204180, 5.337720. Location date: 15th September, 1993, all payments were made on time, boundary lines clear and boards intact.With no authentic reason, this individual has been able to have a cease order placed on our operations there. He has no grounds for dispute, but still continues to attract the attention of the officials to even adhere to his plea.I think it is time to expose the things that have been going on at the GGMC, as these people fail to realise that we all have to live. They have been continually robbing the small miners and this has to stop.Sincerely,Mary Isidorelast_img read more